Meet the Team


Andrew Read – Managing Director

Andy is the founder and Managing Director of AJR and what he lacks in imagination (Andrew John Read), he more than makes up for in sporting prowess as the self-proclaimed Office Number 1 in Table Tennis and Pool.

Andy has always seen AJR as a family business delivering exceptional customer service and those are the two main drivers in his working life, ensuring that all staff feel valued as part of the AJR family and that our clients always feel we have exceeded their expectations.

Andy and Deb work well together both inside and out of the office and can be found going to any Leicester Tigers or England Rugby match possible with their two children, Sebastian and Isabelle, as well as eating out in the best restaurants they can afford and walking Diamond and Amber, the family Labradors.

Debbie Read – Company Secretary

Debbie has two children, two Labradors, enjoys a weekly Zumba class and likes dining out and going to the theatre.  She also enjoys a good book - when she gets the time!

She started her working life at the Halifax Building Society, which she loved and is where she met her husband, and our Managing Director, Andy.   Latterly she worked for Coors Brewers as a Strategic Sourcing Manager, leaving to start a family and support Andy with AJR.

Debbie values exceptional customer service and is very proud that the AJR Team are second to none - delivering on their promise every day.  After all, she says "that is what makes AJR special".

Rachel Adams – Head of Systems

Rachel is our head of systems, responsible for the design of our bespoke software although she would like to point out she is definitely not a nerd! The thing Rachel likes best about her job is the fact that there is always something new to learn and some new challenge to overcome as well as the joy of working with the fantastic team of people at AJR.

She is the mother of two grown up children who refuse to leave home no matter how hard she tries to persuade them!  She also has two dogs, Doodles and Pebbles who wear her out on their early morning 4 mile walk so by half past seven every morning she is completely shattered.

Emma Clarke – Senior Account Manager – Void & Managed Services

Emma manages the void and managed service team here at AJR Management, with much of her ample workload in the managed service side of the business. Emma’s skills are getting utility suppliers to help her with any issues she comes across and three point turns (which she got so good at because her sense of direction – and driving - are terrible!). Emma is the one who comes out to meet prospective void clients and will manage your transition over to our service to make sure it is as easy as possible.

Emma started working with us back in 2011 straight out of university and has had a few jobs previously working in bars and offices in Nottingham and Burton.

Emma has a huge golden retriever called Max and enjoys going for long walks to tire him out. In her free time, Emma also enjoys restoring antique doll houses and watching trashy TV.


Sean Walker – Head of Operations – Newbuild Services

Sean Walker is our Head of Operations for the New Build Services department at AJR Management.  He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department and ensuring we strive to deliver the first-class service we are known for.

Sean has a ginger cat called Alfie who seems to get bullied on a regular basis by the neighbourhood cats who chase him home and even eat Alfie’s food! It’s quite a fright for Sean when he wakes up in the middle of the night to a party of cats in his kitchen!

Darren Inwood – Account Manager – Void Services

Darren is a very late 30-something (45) married to Claire who has given him two boys: George and Oliver. Outside interests include watching almost any sport created, playing sport himself but less often as he’s getting older and watching his sons play sport! Like most working parents they meet up once or twice a year and enjoy the odd glass of wine, and maybe a nice meal if they’re really lucky, but of course he wouldn’t change it for the world!

On a more serious note he’s employed by AJR Management as a Void Services Account Manager in the void and managed service team. He deals with a large number of Housing Association clients and their tenants, along with daily communication with all the major utility providers, and an ever increasing amount of small independent ones. It can be a busy, sometimes stressful working environment, but he always manages to maintain his sense of humour.

David Scott – Account Manager – Void Services

David is a member of the void and managed service team at AJR Management. He has worked at AJR since 2013 processing voids and invoices, and addressing client queries.

His crowning achievement is the assembly of a 4-inch elastic band ball!

His greatest fear and weakness is Sean Walker’s handkerchief.

His special ability is coding macros for spreadsheets.

It has been alleged that, on occasion, he regales people in the office with tales of his hapless attempts at going through everyday life.

Tom Adams – Support Assistant – New Build Services

Tom’s jobs include scanning the batches of invoices, opening and distributing his own body weight in post, and any other miscellaneous tasks. Tom being on holiday strikes fear into the hearts of those responsible for covering.

Tom used to work for the NHS, he also worked in a nursery for some time.

His hobbies include having more than the occasional flutter on the horses, watching UFC fights, gardening, playing golf and basketball and constantly badgering his mum for a Bulldog!  


Ian Burton – Senior Account Manager – Newbuild Services

Ian is a member of the Builders team at AJR Management and currently also completes site visits in all parts of the UK. Ian is hard-working, attentive and is a bit of a perfectionist – Ian will know straight away if you’ve sat at his desk and altered his chair!

Ian has previously worked in a number of administration roles in Nottingham where he grew up and also in Watford where he lived for a number of years after studying Maths at Loughborough University.

Ian is sports mad but it is very much a case of too much watching and not enough playing!

Jack Greer – National Account Manager – New Build Services

Jack is a member of the Builders Team at AJR Management. He has worked here since October 2014 but he swears it's been longer!

Jack's role often sees him problem solving client issues. If you’re unable to get hold of Jack when you phone it is most likely because he is engaged in a lengthy conversation with energy suppliers!

Jack is a very affable character with his own brand of humour, which never fails to bring a laugh and smile to the rest of the office (At least, he thinks he does!).

Even though he has yet to master the art of driving, Jack previously worked at a petrol station while studying mathematics at university.

Most of his hobbies involve a mouse and keyboard, but he's up for anything as long as there's a leader-board.

Hannah Simnett – National Account Manager – New Build Services

Hannah joined us in October 2014 looking for a new challenge after spending years working in the bar industry.

Her biggest hobby is socialising and spending time with family but she also enjoys reading, football (watching…) and listens to far too much music. She is always up for a laugh and loves working for AJR as she gets to make this part of her daily routine (whilst working hard of course)! Her qualities are her commitment, willingness to learn and enthusiasm for delivering excellent customer service.

Jacki Low – Senior Account Manager – New Build Services

Jacki is a senior account manager for the Builders Team. Jacki first worked in the void and managed service team when she started at AJR Management, but due to rapid expansion in the builder side of the business she moved teams. Jacki is the one who tries all the new types of green tea that come out; much to the disgust of some of her colleagues!

Jacki previously worked as an administrator at a home care company for several years before joining AJR Management.

Outside of work Jacki likes reading, films and interesting holidays.  She also enjoys going to the gym.  It's not all clean living for Jacki though, as she's always up for going to the pub after work on a Friday with the rest of the team!


Glyn Porter – Systems Analyst

Due to our rapid expansion we required another system developer to join AJR Management. Glyn joined the AJR family early in 2016 and has now happily settled as a member of the systems team.

He previously worked for a large supermarket retailer where he had the opportunity to work in various different areas of the business as a data analyst, then a system support analyst before finally finding the career he loved in computer programing and has never looked back.

His passions include spending time with his friends and family, cooking (with varying levels of success!) and motor sport.

Glyn is the one we all bring our personal devices to when we have any issues as he’s sure to fix them for us!

Dean Weldon – Account Manager – New Build Services

Dean is one of our site visit staff, carrying out visits across London, the Midlands and the South of England. While Dean is not on site visits he supports account managers back in the office.

Since working at AJR Management, barely a day has gone by where Dean has an in-tact phone screen. There’s usually an amusing story as to how Dean has broken his phone again and surprisingly most of the time he’s completely sober when he breaks his phone!

Murray Bosworth – Account Manager – New Build Services

Murray joined AJR Management in February 2016 after studying physics at university and working at ASDA.

Murray works as an account manager on the new build team putting his skills to use analysing data, solving problems and doing the Robot whenever he has had a couple of drinks!

Samuel Wheeldon  Account Manager – New Build Services

Samuel joined the office in May 2016.

He is an avid crafter, with sewing, knitting and baking all on the checklist, and spends his spare time renovating and restoring motorcycles, rock climbing and skiing. His past employment includes working as a circus performer and magician!


Elena Smith – Account Manager – New Build Services

Elena previously worked in the admin department for a logistics company before joining the AJR Management team.

In her spare time she enjoys going out with her friends, taking her dog Muffin on long walks and watching TV series on Netflix.

Laura Elson  Account Manager – New Build Services

Laura joined the AJR family in June 2016.  She previously worked investigating car accidents for fraud and as an administrator for many years before joining AJR Management. She also used to be a paintball instructor.

When she is not at work Laura loves cooking and baking.  She also enjoys reading, watching films and listening to live music (as her partner is in a band). Laura is also a bit of a thrill seeker and loves cliff diving, flying acrobatic airplanes, abseiling and learning survival skills.

Dani Houston  Account Manager – New Connections

Dani works as part of our New Connections team arranging for supplies to be registered and meters to be fitted. She had been working as a bar manager at a pub in Derby for many years and wanted to work at AJR for a more 'sensible life' but with her colleagues questionable humour and array of strange toys on their desks she's not so sure ...

In her spare time Dani enjoys long walks with her dog Harley and going to gigs whenever she can.

Robyn Vann – Trainee Account Manager – New Build Services

Robyn is part of our Builders Team and is our Disney Princess with a bit of an unhealthy obsession with all things Disney.

Along side this, she also enjoys cooking, travelling, watching motor sport and listening to a large array of music.  Robyn previously worked in motor sport and I.T. before joining AJR Management.


Kirsty McDonald – Trainee Account Manager – New Build Services

Kirsty joined AJR Management in January 2017 after having worked in various sales jobs since graduating from University where she studied Music and Live Entertainments Management.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to see bands, socializing with friends and family and also going to the gym.

Holly Smith – Trainee Account Manager – New Build Services

Holly is a cheerful member of the New Build Team who aims to brighten everyone's day.  She is always on the lookout for a challenge and is hoping that her previous experience in the utility industry will help solve any issues we may come across in our day to day dealings with utility suppliers. 

Holly spends her spare time playing rugby, socializing and cooking (although she's the first to admit it's mainly the eating she's interested in!)

Jade Forbes – Trainee Account Manager – New Build Services

Jade joined the AJR Management team in February 2017 having previously worked in sales and administration at Twycross Zoo. 

She graduated from the University of Bolton with a degree in Equine Science and when she's not at work she can be found looking after her horses and enjoys showjumping and eventing competitions at the weekends.