Managed Service

AJR Management provides a total utility management system. Clients can expect astute and careful management of all aspects of their utility portfolio.

  • Energy Procurement
  • Management Information and Reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Correspondence Management
  • Invoice Processing and Approval
  • Document Scanning and Retrieval
  • New Supply Handovers
  • Client Helpline
  • Carbon Reporting Assistance
  • Site Visits (if necessary)


A significant part of the benefit of a professional utility management system is the amount of valuable information that it can generate to assist with reporting, accounting and budgeting. With all information relating to supplies, meters, contracts and invoices logged into our system, we can provide regular or ad-hoc reporting according to your requirements. This can conceivably be any extraction or manipulation of all of the aforementioned data, whether it is a breakdown of costs by cost centre, a forecast of accruals at the end of an accounting period or estimated budget costs for the forthcoming financial year.

In the event that you require a non-routine report, these can generally be provided within 48 hours of request. Please be aware that we do not believe in giving the client log-in access to the database, simply because we want to ensure that the report you receive provides the information you require and therefore would prefer to liaise with you over your requirements and then deliver them – right first time.

We have a whole host of daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc reports designed to track the smooth running of your utility portfolio. Our system will also flag contract renewals and alert us where supply usages have increased or decreased beyond set parameters within a pre-determined period. Furthermore, we will be alerted to supplies where bills have not been received within the accepted framework in addition to the large number of additional pre-approval checks carried out on all logged invoices. A further benefit of our system is that all utility invoices are logged, irrespective of their approval status, meaning that there is always an audit trail to follow. In addition, your finance team’s responsibilities are limited to paying pre-approved batches of invoices grouped and sorted according to your individual needs.


There are many elements that go into successful energy procurement. These range from market intelligence to professional presentation of supply data and a clear understanding of the requirements, ambitions and attitudes of your client. The energy market has always had the potential to be volatile and never more so than in recent years.

Timing can be critical in fixing contracts at the optimum point and this type of focus on a non-core business expense can be a burden too far for many companies. We can relieve that burden and scour the market continually during the long pre-contract period, exploring all avenues to minimise cost and maximise efficiency.


How many reasons do you want?

  • Right First Time – Long drawn out utility issues are a thing of the past
  • Vastly reduced use of resources from a finance perspective
  • Significantly better data available
  • Real cost savings delivered through stringent invoice approval process
  • No holidays
  • No sickness
  • No training costs
  • No recruitment costs
  • Consistent and professional service
  • Ask…….and AJR Deliver

And this is what our clients have to say

“I highly recommend AJR Management without any reservation for the service they provide…”

Kim Carter – Derwent Housing Association

“We have achieved significant savings through AJR identifying historic billing issues, negotiating retrospective cost reductions, streamlining invoicing and pro-active contract negotiation. In addition, there has been a huge reduction in workload across the business in relation to utilities”

Ian Smith – Derwent Housing Association

“You are professional, articulate and easy to deal with and, more importantly, your speed and accuracy would only serve to save any hiring company a substantial amount of money in the longer term”

Julie Rowlands

“We have been working with AJR for a number of months and the service which they have supplied has been excellent. They have dealt promptly with any queries and have delivered all the promises made to us. They are very willing to go the extra mile and assist in resolving difficult matters which our organisation has experienced”

Large UK Housing Provider

“AJR have been working with us for 2 years and in that time developed an excellent working relationship. I consider them to be reliable and capable of undertaking all aspects of utility management services. AJR provide an excellent level of customer service and I would not hesitate to recommend their services”

Wulvern Housing



The fact that you have paid a utility invoice does not mean it was correct. Utility companies make their fair share of mistakes but given some of the complexities involved, they very often go undiscovered. We have a great deal of experience in validation of historical invoices with a view to reclaiming erroneous payments or reducing outstanding balances.


This service often forms a part of a total utility review involving invoice and supply validation along with compiling management information and cost analysis. However, this can be completed as a stand-alone exercise where required and can be structured and targeted according to the needs of our clients.


Under normal circumstances, all we require are invoices covering the historic period you wish to reconcile or in some cases merely an authority letter for us to liaise directly with utility suppliers. Invoices provided can be copies or originals and will form the backbone of our database which will then be validated from multiple sources to ensure its integrity. On completion of the exercise, and at strategic intervals during, dependent upon its size and scope, a report and analysis will be provided detailing our findings, actions required by you, if any, and further actions that we propose, subject to your approval.



As a client of AJR Management, you (and your tenants in the case of Housing Providers) can expect the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.


In the event that you contact us by email, you will receive a first level response, where required, within 4 hours and often sooner. This response will acknowledge ownership of the issue and either provide the requested action or offer a structured and realistic indication of the action required and the timescale within which we will deliver it. In the event that these are longer term issues we will update you weekly with regard to progress.


In the event that you contact us by phone and are unable to reach your intended target immediately, we will contact you within an hour, again either to resolve the issue or to advise the process we will follow to do so along with realistic timescales for completion. Again, we will continue to update you through to resolution with regard to progress.


Many companies talk about service levels but AJR Management deliver on them. We offer the most personal and comprehensive service in a consistent fashion. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed.



"Integrity is at the heart of everything we do!"

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