New Build Management

AJR provide an end to end fully comprehensive utility management service. The service normally starts at the point a meter is installed and continues until it is either disconnected or successfully handed over to a buyer / Housing Association or Management Company. It encompasses the following.

  • Invoice & Correspondence Management
  • Site Visits & Carbon Data Gathering
  • Carbon Data Reporting
  • Completing CORs
  • Resolving Metering Issues
  • Managing Debt Levels
  • Buyer Support

Invoice & Correspondence Management – Invoices come directly to us, are processed via our system and batched into payment batches for each payment run to be uploaded (15 minute job)

Site Visits & Carbon Data Gathering – Quarterly site visits to gather data, evidence and to verify meter installations

Carbon Data Reporting – by whatever means are required, whether internally or from a Head Office, we can fulfill our client responsibilities in this important area.

Completing CORs – Working directly with suppliers, we ensure all COR readings are received from site and that these are communicated on to suppliers. These are tracked from legal completion right through to the receipt and successful processing of the final bill.

Resolving Metering Issues – In the unfortunate event that there are mismatches of meter data, we ensure these are fully resolved at inception to prevent future problems for buyers.

Managing Debt Levels – Regular and ongoing communication with suppliers to ensure issues are rectified and debt levels are minimised.

Buyer Support – Whatever the issue, be it metering, billing, supplier problems, we are at the end of a phone or email address to offer support to buyers in relation to utilities.


The AJR New Build Utility Management Service was originally designed to start after the point of meter installation and the core service still does.

However, during the five years we have been delivering this service, we have seen first hand the problems that can be caused during the initial supply registration phase and in the meter installation itself.

These problems can be caused by unreliable and / or inaccurate data being transferred from Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) or Multi-Utility Company (MUC) to the supplier or MPAN registrations not being completed in a timely manner.

House Builders need a working supply and utility meter in order to achieve build completion and need to be able to rely on this service with their chosen partners. AJR have developed the front-end of our in-house management system to identify the key touch points within this process to either manage or support the site nomination, supply registration, meter call-off and successful transfer of data to the supplier.

All of these touch points are areas in which the process can falter and in each case, this can have knock-on effects for both House Builder and ultimately their customers. Using AJR for this part of the service ensures processes are adhered to, failures are rectified and that the process runs smoothly to deliver a satisfied buyer at conclusion.

This is an addition to the AJR core service.


How many reasons do you want?

These are the reasons we believe in our service

  • Right First Time – Long drawn out utility issues are a thing of the past
  • Vastly reduced use of resources from both a finance, site and sales perspective
  • Significantly improved service to customers and therefore enhanced reputation
  • Real cost savings delivered through stringent invoice approval process
  • Avoid increasing staffing level during growth
  • Eradicates fragmented roles - One person doing CORs – Another invoices etc
  • No holidays
  • No sickness
  • No training costs
  • No recruitment costs
  • Consistent and professional service
  • Ask…….and AJR Deliver

And this is what our clients have to say

We have used the services of AJR for a number of years. They offer an excellent service in a timely and professional manner. The staff conduct themselves with professionalism at all times and are always happy to help. The time that this saves us as a business and the level of accuracy of the information received is second to none and I would happily recommend AJR to anyone…”

Adele Harris – Taylor Wimpey East London

“As a regional office of a national organisation I have used the services of AJR for a number of years now. They offer a great service in a timely and professional manner which has resulted in our office obtaining 100% of its reporting targets and requirements in the last year.  The professionalism, accuracy and efficiency with which the organisation operate resulted in AJR being rolled out nationally across all Taylor Wimpey businesses for CRC reporting and also processing of bills. The staff conduct themselves with professionalism at all times and are always happy to help.  In recent months when a problem was experienced with one of the major utility providers AJR took control and in addition to the services they offered as part of the initial remit, a vast amount of time was spent managing the queries we received as a result of these system issues encountered by the utility provider.”

Juan Crowe – Taylor Wimpey East Midlands

Overall AJR have helped our region immensely. All the staff show professionalism and at all times provide fantastic customer service.”

Adam Thomason – Taylor Wimpey South Midlands

“What has taken me over 8 months and I don’t know how many hours to try and resolve … you have managed to achieve a response and reaction in about 90 minutes!! In a world where people are too ready to criticise and complain, I am so very grateful for your swift and prompt assistance in bringing this to the attention of the correct personnel  and would like to say THANK YOU!”

Anonymous House Purchaser

“Just thought I would drop you a quick note in appreciation of your work which I know is sometimes challenging to say the least!  We have received confirmation that we achieved 100% of our BU targets in terms of the information required at Category A and B level for 2014. This was down to the efforts of you and your team and I just wanted to thank you for the level of service we have received from AJR and your support is very much appreciated.”

Jackie Coulthard – Taylor Wimpey North East

“From our point of view, the major benefits are;  

  • Specialist dedicated supplier dealing with a complex and difficult issue (due to Utility companies poor Admin mainly)
  • Effectively alternative would be additional member of staff
  • Staff responsible for utilities often became demotivated and ‘fed up’ and left (happened twice within East Mids)
  • Information received from yourselves is in a format specific and bespoke to our needs, entry onto system takes minutes
  • Customers have a ‘go-to’ contact for queries re utility bills – We used to have a number of disgruntled customers who were unable to get bills in their names up to 6 months after moving in (and sometimes longer)
  • Increased reporting requirement in energy usage means the 1 additional member of staff above may have meant more staffing required just to keep up
  • Accuracy of readings and usage much better, relying on faxes and Site Managers / Sales advisors difficult particularly as things are now very busy (reading were often ‘bottom of the pile)

There you go Andrew, sure there are more but these are the main ones, points 2, 5 and 6 are probably the main benefits – It was a very difficult job which nobody wanted to do! I myself bought a new property in April 2014 and got my Gas / Electric sorted just about by December 2014 so I know the difficulties from the customer side too, would have been great to have a company like yours to talk to and try to sort! “

Dave Smith – Bellway Homes East Midlands

“In addition to the processing of invoices, AJR assist with our annual carbon reporting and also liaise with customers if they have utility related issues, providing further support to our Customer Service and Sales Departments.

The contribution AJR continues to make to Bellway Homes East Midlands is extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend AJR to anyone considering utilising them.”

Melanie Doucet – Bellway Homes East Midlands


Whether it be Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), Mandatory Carbon Reporting (MCR), Energy Savings Obligation Scheme (ESOS) or any other scheme requiring utility consumption data, AJR can help ensure robust data collection and reporting as well as evidencing.

With any of the above schemes, or indeed an internally imposed carbon reduction initiative, the first and most important thing is data integrity, accuracy and regularity. For example, it is impossible to realistically impose reduction targets where data is only collected annually in arrears.

You will know only too well that when push comes to shove at quarter end, completion targets will always outweigh data collection. In addition, who will keep track of new meters coming on board and verify the integrity of an apparently high consuming plot on handover? We haven’t even mentioned the 24 different variants of meter and which digits are and are not required.

AJR not only manage remotely all of the invoicing and handovers for our clients as well as providing support for buyers in utility related matters, we do the dirty work too. This comprises Quarterly Site Visits

  • Quarterly Site Visits comprising the following….
  • Site checklist to ensure all meters are identified and where necessary that we understand the types of “other fuels” being used on site
  • Photographic evidence of readings for all ongoing supplies such as showhomes, compounds, pumping stations etc
  • Verifying meter installations since last site visits
  • Verifying data for any queries identified since last visits

This, coupled with all of our other work, puts us in the unique position of being able to provide accurate, evidenced, granular data in relation to your gas, electricity and water supplies.

As a minimum, we can provide this data to support carbon reporting requirements.

However, we can go so much further.

  • Creating and distributing suites of reports on a quarterly / half yearly or annual basis
  • Creating or contributing to production of a Carbon Model
  • Providing necessary support to obtain certification (from Carbon Trust for example)




Sounds a complicated process to get underway?

Couldn’t be more wrong! Our transition process is simple and quick and with the right approach can be fully operational less than 72 hours from giving us the go ahead.

In simple terms, the required steps are as follows.

  • Obtain Initial Transition Data from Client
  • Populate Data onto AJR system
  • Notify Site and Sales Staff
  • Notify Suppliers
  • Commence Service

Initial Transition Data – This falls into the following categories but basically enables us to set up the bespoke elements of the system and service as well as ensuring our system mirrors yours with regard to sites and plot statuses.

  • Current Active Site List with contacts for site and sales
  • Plot to Postal Addresses for each active site
  • Historical Legal Completions Report to aid self-sufficiency dealing with historical billing or supply issues and to ensure we have completed plots shown as such on our system
  • Expense and Supplier Codes you want us to use
  • Letter of Authority for us to communicate with suppliers to change billing addresses

Populating AJR System – Upon receipt of the above data, all of which should be readily available, AJR populate our system with sites, plots and codings such that we are up to date with the current status of sites and can communicate with our clients using their codes.

Notify Site and Sales Staff – For site managers, this is to make them aware that AJR staff will be visiting site and setting out the work that we will be undertaking. For sales staff, it is to make them aware that future handover information should be directed straight to AJR and that we are available to provide direct support to buyers or staff in relation to utility issues.

Notify Suppliers – AJR will notify suppliers using the Letter of Authority provided.

Commence Service – At this point AJR are ready to go. The only regular information required, depending on the service level, is a weekly legal completions report which we use to proactively chase down all handover data.



The process of new meter installations to newbuild properties, the data collection from, the billing thereof and the change of responsibility process to new owner is littered with opportunities for something to go wrong. If something goes wrong early in the process, it can have repercussions that last for years.

AJR do not simply manage the utility process. We anticipate all of the issues that can arise and add layers of reporting, data integrity reports and validation to prevent them from occurring or to identify and resolve them at the earliest opportunity.

  • Verifying suppliers have site nominations (Front-End Process)
  • Verifying Project Summary Reports are issued (Front-End Process)
  • Verifying MPAN Registrations (Front-End Process)
  • Identify Missing Meter Call-Offs and resolve (Front-End Process)
  • Identifying Missing Meter Information and Instigating Follow-Up
  • Proactively chasing down Handover Information
  • Reporting on Missing Final Bills (suggesting customer accounts not set up)
  • Reporting on rejected invoices through to correction
  • Identifying Problem Supplies and ensuring customers are notified and supported

The process is complex with many moving parts and the one certainty is that things can go wrong.

The important thing is prevention where possible and early identification and resolution where not. AJR have perfected this but will never stop looking for ways in which we can further improve our service and thereby the experience of our client and their customers.



"Integrity is at the heart of everything we do!"

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